Women, in general, are not looking to lose massive amounts of weight for the most part. Most of the women and men using Phen375 are just looking to lose 5 to 25 pounds on average and normally its belly fat. Most are healthy, go to the gym type people. They just have not been able to lose the fat on their belly or have reached a Plato. Belly fat issues normally begin to happen for women around the time of or after childbirth and later in age pre and postmenopausal. It seems to hit women while their hormone levels are changing; it’s a normal process of life or is it? I am going to show you that the actual fat stored in the belly or abdomen area is different and the more you have of it the whores your hormonal imbalance will become.

I borrowed this from an article published by the famous Mayo Clinic. This statement is coming for one of the best medical clinics in the world.

Whether it's because of heredity, hormonal changes or aging-related weight gain, many women notice an increase in belly fat as they grow older — and especially after menopause. Gaining fat in your abdomen is particularly unhealthy when compared with other locations in your body. Excess belly fat increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of cancers. 

I just wanted to illustrate to you where the fat on women gets stored and now let’s go through some of the reason why and how Phen375 can help you reduce that belly fat.

As we age our metabolism slows down and the fat stores up on us, sort of like a bear going into hibernation.  This does not have to be the case, proper diet and exercise will greatly diminish this problem. If you already have a slow metabolism then you should consider using the best metabolism boosting product on the market today Phen375, if you feel slow or lack energy this is the only product currently available without a prescription.

Phen375 will pick you up and get you and your metabolic rate moving. Now when women go through menopause especially belly fat begins to store in the same area as Men have been suffering with for a year. Belly fat really starts to show up on menopausal women the reason is your hormones have shifted you lose estrogen and testosterone, the product manufacturer has added some ingredients into the diet pill Phen375 that will help you to replace those missing hormones. It will take some time to getting you hormonal levels back to normal.

Just by losing belly fat your body will stop creating the wrong hormones, I will go over that in just a min. We use a just enough (DHEA) to help promote muscle growth very slowly and gently. Many people who are overweight have lost a lot of their muscle tissue. Muscle fiber or tissue is really the engine that burns calories or fat. 

Also as women become older they tend to lose muscle tone and volume. If you have been spending lots of time at the gym you probably have been able to maintain more than the average couch potato, but I’ll bet you have noticed some changes, you’re not quite as hard as you were a few years ago. Maybe you have lost that flat belly or those buns of steal all of this becomes more important to us as we grow older. Our muscle strength can help protect our joints, bones and internal organs from damage. This is another reason you should be using our Phen375 diet pills when you are attempting to lose weight.

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It’s a known fact that when you age, your metabolism slows down; the amount of fat in your body slowly increases. Women are plagued with this experience because an even greater fat distribution tends to shift from or to your arms, legs and hips, and more in your abdomen. It is extremely hard to remove, we spend more time and effort attempting to fight it. Keep reading you will begin to understand why and how Phen375 can help make the fight of the bulge a little easier. 

Now the interesting thing most of us already know is men are much more prone to heart attacks, and the belly fat you suppose could be the reason? Visceral fat is to blame, now are wondering why it’s called Visceral fat.  Visceral fat lies deeper inside the abdomen, surrounding the abdominal organs. 

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Start helping yourself now by healthy eating and drinking plenty of purified water, if you are looking for some help the use  Phen375 diet pills. Now gaining this type of fat has been linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other health problems. Now you are starting to see why heart attacks are becoming so prevalent in women.

Did you know abdominal fat cells aren't just dormant energy? That right they are active cells producing hormones and other substances that can affect your health. I’m sure you have noticed or heard that the fatter we become the less sexually active our libido is. Wonder why that is, it’s not strictly because we are less physically attractive. No it’s a hormonal shift, less testosterone is being produced which is what promotes sex drive in women and men. Its true Phen375 can help you resolve that.

Belly fat has a great influence on our sex drive hear is why. It prohibits our bodies from manufacturing testosterone that is request to maintain muscle mass and a healthy libido. Another example is belly fat-cell-produce hormones that promote insulin resistance, a precursor to type 2 diabetes. The lack of testosterone in women and especially in menopausal women, allows for the over production of estrogen, which may increase your breast cancer risk.

Researchers are still sorting out how the excess hormones affect overall health, but they do know that too much visceral fat can disrupt the body's normal hormonal balance. We know for sure that excessive belly fat will affect your hormonal balance and not for the better. 

Too much fat concentrated in the midsection is unhealthy. For men and women, this article was really directed to women. But if you are reading this and are concerned about your partner husband, wife, maybe parent or child, it’s imperative that you understand that belly fat is a serious issue and will become life changing on many levels as we age. It’s a proven fact that people who maintain healthy body fat don’t really suffer from a majority of health problems.

We want you to analyze your eating, drinking and physical activity habits and look at your health status now. Once you have analyzed our current health, Phen375.com can help you avoid complications in the future. Here are some of those complications Heart disease, Breast cancer, Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Gallbladder problems, High blood pressure, Colorectal cancer just to name a few.

Here is a good way to check yourself and see if you are running a risk of too much belly fat. First measure your waist, then measure your mid section around your belly button, don’t suck in, that’s cheating and won’t help.

Ok, now a woman measuring around 35 inches or more is in danger, this indicates the abdominal fat concentration in the abdominal area and she will probably already have a buildup of visceral fat. If you are over 33 inches you should know it’s been clinically proven to increases your health risk and height does not matter.

So what should our goal be? Below 33 inches! Phen375 will help you get your metabolism moving, increase the hormone DHEA help your sex drive pickup, we also us a substance called that many of the most famous use. You know all the Hollywood stars us this to keep them looking years younger than they really are. Our formulation is designed to work to improve your fat burning, especially in hard to get to areas like belly fat. This is why so many women are opting to use the Phen375 diet pills event the stars are using it.

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